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Tidings of Comfort (Part 1)

New story begins today, this one focusing on America’s favorite (not much competition) animate talking pillow . . . and the holidays. Expect heart-warming messages of cheer . . . or violence . . . or both. You never can tell.

First off, in case you missed it, I am officially launching a second website with writer/friend/cowpoke Joel Dryden. This is not a necessarily “new” comic, as we have been posting it here, in the news section, every Friday for over a year or so. Anyways, go check it out, Poop in Bed (much classier than the name implies), it’s updated twice a week every Monday and Friday.

So we have done what is now our third consecutive storyline, something we have typically shied away from. We basically came to a point in our comic discussion where we had no ideas, and none were coming. The epiphany struck me, no one actually cares whether or not we do stories. Actually, the feedback for the past two stories has been rather positive, so it almost seems foolish not to keep doing them. I’m looking forward to a more story-based comic, maybe the characters can actually develop personalities!

Also, in short, my Xbox returns soon. I got the notification of it’s complete repair on Monday morning. Obviously, this is exciting . . . I want to figure out what game I should get to welcome it back home, you know, to let it know that all is forgiven and that I still love it very much. So . . . Assassin’s Creed 2 or Modern Warfare 2?

If you have a different game or opinion, voice it in the comments! Always like to hear from you!

So a friend of mine was awesome enough to drop a Google Wave invite on me. It’s weird . . . like a normal instant-message chat on steroids. I am sure that it has a true useful application, as I could see it would be amazing for maybe businesses, or even comic collaborations and the like. Right now it is just pure insanity, it is an exciting new toy that everyone is throwing back and forth and having a ridiculous and silly old time.

Come on, insert images, craft polls, edit or delete other people’s messages? Crazy awesome. I lagged pretty hard with five people though . . . not sure what that was about.

Also, I have taken a liking to this disgusting greasy pizza at the hospital cafeteria. I always feel bad about eating it, but its deliciousness transcends natural law. I drink a V8 tomato juice with it . . . think that evens it out?

Thanks Internet,