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Worse With Grandparents (and Swift Footed Ninja)

This has probably happened to anyone who watches TV. You are enjoying a show by yourself, but the moment someone else walks into the room, it switches to the steamy sex scene or something.

Noah was swamped with some kind of school stuff, so I took over this week. He’ll be covering both posts next week, so that works out nicely for me.

Instead of boring you with my usual posts, I will instead reveal my exciting new project.

Remember when I said that I quit WoW to make games with my friend? No? The website does.

Anyways, our plan was to make a game in a week, so we had a very simple concept: a guy who jumps from platform to platform, and we expanded on it a little bit.

We didn’t make the week goal, but close enough. We learned so much making this game, for instance, I had never animated before in my life, so I learned a lot about that. I can’t speak for Adam’s coding, because that stuff is complicated and boring.

Introducing: Swift Footed Ninja.

EDIT (11:05am): Webcomicking compadre, Stickfodder, was kind enough to record a gameplay video. Observe: the game in motion!

Installation (can only be run on PC, and probably not an ancient one):

  1. Download
  2. Extract all files
  3. Run “Setup”
  4. Install
  5. Open the game from “All Programs” and play! (Might take a moment to load, just be patient).

(From the “Info” text):

Attempt to score as high of a score as possible.
Every second survived: 10pts
Every platform landed on: 100pts
Every sushi eaten: 300pts

Every sushi eaten adds 1x to the multiplier. Multiplier decays by -1x every 5 seconds.

Difficulty increases every minute.

Move= Left and right arrow keys
Jump= Up arrow
Fall through platform= Down arrow
P= Toggles music
Esc= Quit game

Hope you like the game!

Programming by Adam Litwin (AKA Polarican)
Art by Nathan Burgess

Song “Asia
By Svenzo G (Dj-Svenzo)

Font “Seven Monkey Fury
Blambot (

Written in Microsoft XNA.


Scott Hammond (AKA Scruffo), for keeping Adam from talking to me about coding.

There are still a few changes we would like to make and a couple of things we would have liked to put in, but it was our first attempt, so we figured we should just put it away and learn from it.

The high score: 646,410.

Go for it.