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The Summoning (Part 4)

For this week we continue our Halloween storyline with more chores for Tim’s evil demon to do. The idea behind this was we just thought it would be funny to have someone so powerful reduced to doing to doing menial tasks.

Recently I saw a movie called “The Invention of Lying” starring Ricky Gervais. I really like Ricky Gervais as a comedian so I’m always interested in any film he’s involved in. He has had a very good TV career writing for both the American and British office. He also starred in the British version along with various other shows. I personally admire him as a good comedian but his role in films has not been fantastic. I mean the movies he has been in haven’t been bad, but they aren’t on par with his work in television. The two movies I have seen with him are “Ghost Town” and “The Invention of Lying.” Both were funny and had some very cleverly written jokes but the movies as a whole have not been very memorable. I just haven’t enjoyed them as much as I would have hoped. They just seem to have good jokes but lack an ability to unite together to present a cohesive and organized film.

On a related subject, me and some friends have been taking a class that deals with how music is used in film. As a project we had create our own soundtrack for a film called “The Great Train Robbery.” We did not have to compose our own music but rather just spot music for the movie. As a result we ended up with a movie with songs ranging from didgeridoo music to Mambo No. 5. This made for a very unusual movie that had no real theme or focus. However, our group may have had the most disconnected product we did do okay at placing our music strategically. For instance, we used the song Mambo No. 5 for the dancing scene. It was neat because it fit the tempo well and made the scene seem shorter. On the other hand, I was the source of major ridicule because my group members claimed that everyone liked all the music in the movie except for mine. Let it be said that all the music except for two were in fact mine, because I was one of two people who bothered to bring in music at all. It just shows that I am an easy target for ball busting because I am too “nice” to retaliate. Nathan can confirm this because he routinely abuses me openly for this very reason.

I hope yawl enjoyed the comic and thanks for reading this even though I’m writing it.