If you are reading this, you must have clicked on the “About” link at the top of the page. That must mean that you are feeling very scared, confused and alone right now. Don’t worry, I am too. This site is the official hosting ground for the weekly webcomic, “Good in Theory.” The comic is intended to be comedic, so if you found your eyes misting up while reading one of the comics, and quietly whispered, “That’s so true . . .” then you are probably reading the wrong comic.


This comic is updated weekly on Wednesdays at around midnight PST.

By far one of the most confusing aspects of Good in Theory stems from its rich and startlingly
complex cast of characters. I will try my very best to describe every aspect of their deep
personalities in the fewest words possible:

Has red hair. Wears glasses, a blue shirt, and jeans. Is not dumb.

Has brown hair. Wears a green shirt and brown pants. Is dumb.

As you can tell, we have painstakingly attempted to craft deep and complex characters that hopefully
everyone can relate to in their daily lives.

The news is just a blog, where I might talk about the comics, or the site, or random other things.
Posting comments or questions on the blog is highly encouraged.


While Good in Theory attempts to adhere as strictly to its update schedule as possible, unforeseen problems have occurred in the past which have destroyed any semblance of its schedule. For this, I recommend signing up for the mailing notification list, just say something like “mailing list” and bing! It will be added. (Your e-mail will be kept private and not shared or given out for any reason.)


There is also a Twitter feed in the works, so you can stay to date with exciting Good in Theory announcements, behind-the-scenes peeks, and other . . . stuff. Just go follow me here:


Hopefully this has shed some light on any questions that you might have, and I would like to thank
you for visiting the site, and I hope you will return again soon!